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A compelling DJ, signed international record producer and mastermind of a mixing engineer, Noah Carmichael is everything behind the fantasized music project 2 Points. The project gets its name from being “2 perspectives on music.” 2 Points is a combination between both Hip-Hop & House music. 2 Points is known for creating original Hip-Hop productions with featured rappers & singers, taking that production and creating house music around that original hip-hop production. You could think of this as remixing your own song however, 2 Points is calling this new genre “Trap House.” In recent years, 2 Points was able to go from an aspiring bedroom producer to a signed international record label producer signing deals with Jendex Records, Incursion Recordings, Bass Boost & Beast Trap. 2 Points has always been a diverse music producer. He started out producing electronic music, then eventually started producing Hip-Hop music. You may have heard some of his work with artists such as The Game, DNA Picasso, Boslen & more. It wasn’t until 2022 that 2 Points decided to combine both of these genres together in a way that has never been done before.


behind the decks

2 Points – mixes & Guest shows

A variety of different mixes from House labels in the UK to local collectives here in Colorado.

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2 Points – Hold me Back (feat. King Vice)

“Hold Me Back” is the perfect blend between modern Hip-Hop & EDM



Produced by 2 points


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